Artist Information

Genre: Americana

Configuration: Duo 

Venues: Festival Stages, Performing Arts Centres, House Concerts

Even the Bird Was Free is an rootsy blues duo combining award winning singer-songwriter Karen Morand and internationally renowned bluesman, Hal Brolund (aka Manitoba Hal). 
In their energetic acoustic show, the two infuse their solid songwriting with back porch grit, tasty arrangements and rich gospel harmonies. 

Before combining their efforts, Brolund and Morand have carved out a reputation in the independent music world, enjoying Canadian airplay on CBC, and campus radio as well as US and European play. 

On stage, with an assortment of instruments in hand the long time friends have an easy rapport like brother and sister . Singing and clapping along are encouraged as they draw the audience into the musical narrative. Their joyful energy is infectious.

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